Headshot Comparison Two Years Apart Shows Evolution, Need To Maximize Marketing Efforts
Headshot Comparison Two Years Apart Shows Evolution And Need To Maximize Marketing Efforts

by | Jan 9, 2024

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Single Act Maximizes Your Marketing Efforts

There are several reasons why I recommend you update your profession headshot, at a minimum, every two years. But the most important reason has to do with your marketing. Whether it is for your personal branding or your business, at some point you are going to meet with someone who could change your career either face-to-face or in a video call. Showing up looking different from the image they have already associated you with can negatively impact their trust in you. Yes, that seems like a very superficial reason to lose trust in someone. But the fact is, humans rely on their sense of vision to make some very important assumptions about you.

Max, pictured above, first came to my Seattle professional headshot studio in early 2022. It had been a while since he had a professional headshot created and he was overdue for an update. After only ninety minutes, we had created a variety of images in different outfits on a variety of backgrounds and selected his best shots for retouching. His main image to be used for his online presence is on the left.

Last month (December 2023) he stopped by for an update. It had been just shy of two years since the first headshot I created for him. Why would he come back so soon after his last headshot?

It does not take as long as you may think for your appearance to change noticeably. Unless there has been an extreme change, you, and those we see on a day-to-day basis, will not notice anything different about you even after several years have passed. But find a photo from just a few years ago and compare it to the person you see in the mirror, the changes you see can be surprising. That is not meant in a negative way. Our appearance just simply evolves over time.

To his credit, Max recognized how his look had evolved during that span of time. Working in sales, he wanted to be sure he kept a current visual presence in his marketing tool bag to better connect with potential clients when meeting with them face to face.

Your image is an incredibly important component of your business’ marketing and your personal brand. Potential clients and employers will absolutely look at your profile photo. They will search online for any information about you they can find. That information will likely contain images of you. If those images were old and outdated, there is a good chance they will erode at least a small layer of trust when prospects finally see your current self.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

You are constantly updating your marketing: social media profiles, website, resumes, and more. Your headshot is such a critical part of your marketing and branding. Make it a priority to update your visual presence with an updated professional headshot every two years to support all your other marketing efforts.

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