Seattle Music Photographer

Live Music

I’m a Seattle music photographer who’s love of photography is rooted in capturing the excitement of live music. To me, there is nothing that touches the soul more effectively than a passionate live performance. It’s what drove me to spend many years of my life as a musician and creative artist.

I cut my teeth photographing bands like Queen, CSN, ELP, and Genesis in arenas such as the old Boston Garden, Providence Civic Center, Nassau Coliseum, and Madison Square Garden. I used what I could afford; a Pentax K1000 and a $27 Vivitar 70mm-210mm lens. It proved to me that photographs are created with your mind, not your equipment. When I was sixteen and barely able to convince bouncers I was old enough to get into the clubs (the drinking age was eighteen back then), I photographed many of the more influential bands in Boston during the late 1970s. In the 1980s you could find me in clubs like CBGBs, Danceteria, The Limelight, The Ritz, and more not only creating images but playing on their stages in my own bands.

More recently, my focus has been photographing many of the jazz greats coming through Seattle. Artists such as Stanley Clark, Maceo Parker, McCoy Tyner and other legendary performers. I also love to photograph a lot of the new, promising talent in the small local clubs including my own son who is an up and coming jazz saxophonist.

Enjoy the show!