Image Selection Process - Headshot Gallery
Image Selection Process – Headshot Gallery

by | Dec 31, 2022

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It’s Reckless Abandonment

When you have a professional headshot or any other professional image created, chances are your photographer sends you on your way as soon as the photography is over. Within a day or two the photographer emails you a link to an online gallery to make your selections.

Like most people, you’ll seek the opinions of family, friends, and colleagues. You’ll receive conflicting opinions based on who knows what. Then it’s up to you to decide based on the opinions of people with no training in imaging and marketing, let alone how both need to interact in order to be effective tools. A decision that will influence the trajectory of your business and career.

Charles Cotugno, Seattle Headshot and Portrait Photographer

When a photographer does this to you, they are not doing their job. It is the equivalent of reckless abandonment.

Guiding Clients’ Image Selection

In addition to providing all my clients guidance in preparing for their sessions, I also guide them through the image selection process right there, in the studio, immediately after we have captured the last image. Both before and during the session, I have learned why they need the images, how and where they are going to be used, and the career and business goals they will be supporting. Using that information, the images are displayed on a large screen where we can evaluate, compare, and select the images that best fit each usage scenario.

We are not just selecting images that look great, we are selecting the images that effectively communicate your message, as well as positively connect with your target audience on an emotional level. Once the process is completed, there is nothing left for you to do except to look forward to receiving your retouched images, typically within seven days.

Does this mean your photography session will take more time? Yes, and it also means you leave confident you selected the right images for the job. No wasting time waiting for a link to an image gallery, not relying on the opinions of untrained friends and family members. No added stress in your life. The job is done.

What about location sessions, where sitting down to select your images is not feasible? We schedule a time to meet at my studio or setup a Zoom call for me to guide you through the selection process.

End Image Selection Process Reckless Abandonment

Your headshots and images have a huge impact on your level of success. Yet, they are typically the most neglected aspect in planning for marketing and career advancement. Always be sure you are receiving professional guidance when selecting the images that represent you and your business to support your specific goals. Schedule a free consultation with Charles Cotugno Photography today!