Three Reasons You Must Have a Professional Headshot

Essential for Today’s Business World

Headshots are essential for many types of visual marketing. While the actor’s portfolio is the obvious usage, you may be surprised to discover how many people use and rely on the impact of a professional headshot to market themselves and their business.

1. Build Your Professional Online Presence

Headshot photographers in Seattle do more than just help actors or musicians land gigs. From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, many businesses use headshots to market themselves and their business. Include professional headshots of your management and key team members on your website to allow clients and potential customers to see owners and employees before meeting face-to-face. This gives customers confidence in choosing a business to work with or purchase products from and gives businesses an opportunity to make an impact.

A well-executed headshot can engender all kinds of qualities. Without realizing it, people will judge you solely on your picture. They will process hundreds of fleeting ideas about you, from whether or not they think you are trustworthy or stylish to how happy or genuine you seem – all before they ever meet or speak to you. Professional headshot photographers in Seattle know this, and they will work with you to understand the tone or qualities you want your photo to portray to ensure you achieve your marketing goals.

Headshot photography is used widely online, especially on business websites, such as law practices, accounting firms, insurance companies, real estate agencies, home service businesses, and many others.

2. Print is not Dead

Despite how often headshot photographers in Seattle get booked to create images for business websites and online marketing campaigns, that classic print photograph is still alive and well. Many people still rely on physical photographs for hard copy portfolios. Headshots can be effective tools to use with any resume because they allow potential employers to “get to know you” or have a sense that they do – which is what visual marketing with headshots is all about.

3. It’s a New Age

You may be surprised by how many people seek headshot photographers in Seattle for social media accounts. It’s true! More often than not, social media users opt for professional profile pictures of themselves. This trend, especially for headshots, took off with the invention of LinkedIn, which focuses on creating social networks for professionals. Across all social media platforms, the days of grainy cell phone candids for profile pictures are well behind us. Our desire to portray ourselves as happy, stylish, and successful on social media is an ever-growing need.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a headshot photographer in Seattle, Charles Cotugno Photography has you covered. Our affordable mini sessions are a great way to get quality headshots, and our consultation process ensures you get the look and feel you want.

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