Professional Acting Headshots Session Tips

Are you looking for actor headshots in Seattle? (Or anywhere else, for that matter!) Creating acting headshots is quite a bit different than creating headshots for executives, speakers, business professionals, and job seekers.

I spent the late ’70s through the mid ’90s working as an actor, writer, and director in New York, London, and Los Angeles. Now, I spend my life behind the camera creating headshots for people in a variety of industries. But what I love most is the challenge of creating portfolios for creative and performing artists.

During my own time as a performing artist, most actors had two headshots: one for comedic roles and one for dramatic roles. Now, those who are serious about their acting career need to have a more diverse portfolio. In addition to those comedic and dramatic images, actor headshots need to be compiled into a portfolio of attention-grabbing images that highlight their ability to portray a variety of characters.

When you are serious about an acting career, it is important that the time and money you spend in your headshots and portfolios are a serious investment in your career. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a productive headshot session.

Background Work

  • Take time to evaluate, know, and understand yourself. That includes your personality, look, and body. As a person in your day-to-day life, how are you perceived by others?
  • With that understanding, know that chances are very good these natural attributes will be the basis of how you are seen and cast, especially in the early stages of your career. Make a list of the types of characters you are most likely to be offered.
  • Do your research. Read scripts, watch films, research actors of your type with successful careers to find out how they began their careers and got to where they are today.

Preparing For Your Headshots Photography Session

  • Know exactly the looks you want to create before your session.
  • Have a character in mind for each look you want to create.
  • If you plan on wearing makeup, ask your photographer if they have a makeup artist to work with you or if they can recommend someone for you.
  • Talk to your photographer so you understand their process. This will help alleviate any nervousness you might have.

During Your Acting Headshots Session

  • Arrive on time, ready to go.
  • Be organized and do not waste time. Know the looks you want to create and be ready to move from one to the next.
  • Collaborate! Listen to your photographer’s directions and they will (should!) listen to your input. Remember, they are the expert you hired based on their work. Let them do their part in creating those same types of images for you.
  • Relax and have fun! It will make a world of difference in your images.

Keeping all these points in mind will set you up for a successful acting headshot session. When you are looking for professional acting headshots in Seattle, you can schedule a free acting headshot consultation with Charles Cotugno Photography.