Senior Photo

Senior photo created during the golden hour.

Savvy students and parents know this is exactly the right time to lock in their senior photo times.   

I’m sure you’ve taken photos of your friends and family on a sunny day and seen the “raccoon eye” effect; shadows leaving black holes where a set of eyes are supposed to be. That strong, overhead light also casts unflattering shadows on your clothing and all your surroundings. Granted, any photographer worth their salt can make up for these problems with reflectors, strobe lights, and any number of other creative techniques. But all that setup takes away from your senior photo time in front of the camera rather than being left waiting in the hot summer sun. Is that what you want for your senior session?


So during what time of day should you be trying to schedule your senior photos? It’s known as the “golden hour.” That window of time just before and after sunset. When it comes to beautiful lighting, nothing beats the golden hour. The shadows produced by lower angles of the sun and the golden tones from the angle of light through the atmosphere add beautiful texture and warm lighting to any senior photo. It’s no wonder why so many seniors want these highly coveted – and limited – time slots. (Click here to see all the Seattle sunset times for 2016.)

Seattle Senior Photo Kerry Park 

I should also note that the mornings around sunrise offer the same advantages only with a cooler quality of light. But I’ve yet to meet anyone wanting to schedule their senior photo session at 4:30 AM. (If you’re up for it, I’ve got plenty of spaces available!)

Yes, it may seem too early to book your senior photo session. But now is exactly the time you should be running to your phone to reserve one of these premium time slots. And as a bonus, you may even qualify for an early bird special!

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