Business Images with Personality!

Revealing your company’s personality in your business images will make you more memorable to potential clients.

About a month ago I was asked by a marketing agency to create a new business images of each team member for a soon to be released website update. But instead of creating standard headshots, each portrait had to reveal that person’s passion outside of the workplace and include a prop of some kind.

It was a challenging assignment on a few different levels. I didn’t know ahead of time what anyone was planning to include in their portraits. I didn’t know whether they wanted to keep the images subdued or go for all out, over the top personality. Plus there was a space consideration. The “studio” was in their kitchenette where due to a small pillar my space was barely five feet wide to fit the background, lighting, and the subjects with their props.

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Showing another side of your team members gives your business images life and makes a positive impression on your potential clients.

In a perfect world I would have been able to meet everyone on the staff individually a week beforehand to understand their personalities and what they were planning to bring in to show their passion. But, that’s rarely the reality. So it’s always a bit tenuous at the beginning as you get the feel for the office culture, how they communicate, and understand how “far out” you can get with your creativity. Luckily, this was a staff full of creative minds and most were willing to go a little beyond their comfort level in terms of letting it go in front of the camera.

The result? An amazingly fun day that produced some fantastic images! Yes, it was more work and required more thought than typical headshots. But the payoff for the client will come in the form of increased and improved brand recognition. When their new site is released it’ll be immediately recognizable that this is a company with personality, character, creativity, passion, and inventiveness. On top of that, they just look like a fun bunch of people to collaborate with. Wouldn’t you be more likely to remember the company that had those really unique staff member images?

Who doesn’t want to have fun? Let your business images attract clients that will work well with your team.

Certain types of businesses can benefit from stepping outside the conventional headshot. And in a world where every conceivable person and business has an online presence you need to find a way to not only stand out from the crowd but do it in a way that leaves people feeling good about you and reminds them of how good they feel about their own passions. It’s that key emotional connection that will have them not only remembering you for their own needs but talking about you to their friends and associates.


Charlie Cotugno is a commercial and privately commissioned photographer specializing in accelerating fundraising and awareness campaigns for socially responsible organizations. Along with a team of marketing and creative professionals he provides an end to end marketing solution for companies and organizations of all sizes. To learn more about how he can help your organization please visit

Charlie is also the founder and principal photographer for the nationally acclaimed project Stories of Autism which incorporates the fine art portraits of adults and children on the autism spectrum with their stories to raise awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

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