Keep Your Eyes Open, Even In the Worst of Circumstances


What started as a cloudy, windless day quickly turned into a sunny wind tunnel with gusts hitting forty miles per hour by the time we got to La Conner, WA to photograph the blooming tulip fields. My daughter and I were disappointed the conditions had turned so badly for creating images. We tried for a couple of hours to get something good but had managed nothing better than some snapshots to share on Facebook just to tell friends we had made the trip.  


But right before we left we noticed a tree a few hundred yards away casting a shadow over part of the tulip field we were in. When we got there the wind had started to die down and occasionally stop for a second, allowing a ray of sunlight to illuminate a single flower. We couldn’t have set it up any better!

 I quickly got my tripod setup and waited for the perfect moment, hoping that when the wind stopped for a moment the sun would still be on that same tulip. The waiting paid off.


Charlie Cotugno is the owner of Charles Cotugno Photography in Woodinville, WA specializing in fine art portraits for families, high school seniors, and special needs clients. In addition he provides commercial photography services to businesses of all sizes. He is also the founder and board president of the non-profit organization Stories of Autism, a network of over 150 photographers from around the U.S. whose mission is to increase awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorders. For more information about Charlie and Stories of Autism please visit

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