A Decade of Collaboration

Tami Vileta, president of Pinpoint Strategic Communications, speaks about her company’s decade plus relationship with Charles Cotugno Photography and how targeted business photography has benefitted her clients.

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Targeted Lead Generation

Smart businesses understand that customized professional photography is a profit center, not a cost item. It builds a connection between your people, products, and services with your target market and invites them to learn more about you.

Unfortunately, many businesses choose to forego professional photography in order to save money in the short term. Some decide to take a “do-it-yourself” approach which rarely delivers professional results. Others use stock photography. But stock images are generic and don’t connect with specific audiences. Worse, those same images are available to anyone. That means your competition can use use the very same images in their own marketing efforts potentially leading to lost sales.

The bottom line? All sales, whether B2B or B2C, are emotionally based. Allowing people to imagine themselves in your images provides an understanding of how your products and services can benefit them directly. And that’s what drives qualified leads your way.

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A Collaborative Process

Creating images that support your call to action takes careful thought and planning. Before even thinking about photography, we make sure we’ve defined your goals and mapped a visual strategy to showcase the benefits of your products and services. Then we begin the planning process, whether it involves just a few of your team members in your facility or calls for full on-location production. Once the photographic process is completed, your images are delivered in your required format for final selection and retouching.

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Custom Stock Libraries: Social Media Made Easy


Having a customized stock image library at your disposal will save resource time and effort while allowing your team to focus on other business-critical tasks. For an average cost of just a few dollars per image, we can create up to a year’s worth of photos to be shared on all your social media platforms. Just select a photo and write a brief post describing how the action in the image benefits your clients and you’re good to go. You can even use the images in your marketing campaigns, posters, newsletters, and more.

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Diversity & Inclusion

With over a decade of experience helping companies feature their diversity, I’m uniquely qualified to highlight your inclusion initiative. My ability to relate and communicate with all your employees will provide you with natural images in the work environment for your annual report, marketing materials, and social media presence.

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