Five Easy Tips for Great Summertime Photos!

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Originally posted May 19, 2015 This image was created in the bright, midday sunshine using both a reflector to block most of the sunlight and a flash to fill in the shadows. Summer is almost here and, with it, will arrive more beautiful warm, sunny days. To most people these sunny days are the best times to take pictures of [...]

Keep Your Eyes Open, Even In the Worst of Circumstances

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Originally posted April 16, 2015  What started as a cloudy, windless day quickly turned into a sunny wind tunnel with gusts hitting forty miles per hour by the time we got to La Conner, WA to photograph the blooming tulip fields. My daughter and I were disappointed the conditions had turned so badly for creating images. We [...]

Out of Confusion, The Essence of Carrie

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Originally posted December 30, 2014There are a couple of portraits I’ve created in my career that, by all rights, should never have been successfully executed. At the top of the list is this image of Carrie.Carrie is severely affected by autism. Because of her need for constant stimulus she is in constant, unpredictable motion and attended [...]

5 Important Tips for a Great Headshot!

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Originally posted January 12, 2015Just how important is your headshot? A couple of years ago there was a billboard on a main road into Seattle advertising a local real estate agent. This agent’s photo was so poorly conceived, horribly posed, and so inappropriately dressed that it became a local laughing stock. That advertisement remained in place [...]

Are You Creating Or Waiting For “Luck?”

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Originally posted January 20, 2015I created this portrait of Jennifer in Manhattan in 2002. The studio was in an old building in the Chelsea neighborhood. A couple of walls had been left in disrepair to serve as interesting backgrounds. After an hour of shooting we decided to take a break. While preparing for the rest of the [...]

Theme for the 2015 Stories of Autism Project!

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December 18, 2014Stories of Autism launches each new year by tasking photographers and people in the autism community with creating portraits of subjects on the autism spectrum and telling their story. The long term goal of these annual projects has been to create a collection presenting the challenges of autism at as many socio-economic levels [...]

An Unexpected Diversion Creates a New Opportunity

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November 15, 2014A couple of weeks ago I experienced an unexpected and life-changing event. All and all it’s just a blip on the radar compared to what many people go through on a daily basis. But as a result my family and I are making some big adjustments that will take a lot of work [...]

Preparing Your Special Needs Child for A Portrait Session

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One of the hardest things for special needs children is to be taken out of their familiar surroundings and normal routines. It can cause increased levels of anxiety for both the child and the parents. Add to the mix a stranger with a camera pointed at them and things can quickly become exponentially more difficult. [...]

Image in a post

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