The Very Real Impact of Your First Impression

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In the day to day pursuit of your career or business goals, your biggest mistake might be underestimating the importance of the first visual impression. Especially on LinkedIn, where most people research potential employers and service providers. While your resume may be stellar, it's your profile photo that will have the most impact on how you are [...]

A Senior Portrait Empowers Change

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How a senior portrait session brought much needed confidence to a young woman and changed the way I look at my business.A couple of summers ago I was working with a family on a local beach to create their daughter’s senior portrait. The gal seemed a little more nervous than most in front of the [...]

Business Images with Personality!

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Revealing your company's personality in your business images will make you more memorable to potential clients.About a month ago I was asked by a marketing agency to create a new business images of each team member for a soon to be released website update. But instead of creating standard headshots, each portrait had to reveal that person's [...]

Bad Headshot = Limited Opportunity

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 Is your headshot slamming the door to career advancement?It always amazes me how many people ignore the importance of their LinkedIn profile image. Dozens of studies have proven that a person with a professionally created headshot garners far more attention than those out of focus, cropped party photos or quick snapshots. With literally MILLIONS of bad [...]