“I’ve never had professional head shots before, but Charles made me feel like a pro!  He was guiding but patient during the shoot and then turned around high-quality issues quickly, including retouching. I will be going to Charles for all my professional photos from now on.”

– Mike Gerstle, Managing Director, Ha-Moto Consulting, Seattle, WA 

Business Photography Headshot


Contrary to popular belief, it’s a great profile image that opens the door to potential clients and employers, NOT your resume.



We Create Powerful Business Images that Deliver Results…  

…while raising funds for your organization!

Our one of a kind business image program will help your members experience greater success on LinkedIn while providing you with funds to support your organization. We start with a flat fee for a minimum number of participants. Your organization adds an amount to that fee that will go directly to you. The investment per remains constant. As more members participate our cost per subject decreases while your benefit increases. Here’s an example.

Subjects Cost/Subject Subject Fee Your Net/Subject Potential Benefit
7-10 $100 $125 $25 $ 250
11-15 $95 $125 $30 $ 450
16-20 $90 $125 $35 $ 700
21-30 $85 $125 $40 $ 1,200
31+ $80 $125 $45 UNLIMITED!

How Does Our Program Benefit Your Membership?

We deliver high quality, professionally retouched images that will get your members noticed.

This is not a “school photo” or “cattle call” type of experience. We spend time with each subject to make sure they’re comfortable in front of the camera and looking just right. They get to see each image as it’s created so we can make any necessary adjustments to get the best image possible. And our “leave no trace” retouching approach provides each subject with beautiful, natural looking images that will attract more interest to their LinkedIn profiles.

All Images Are Guaranteed!

If for any reason one of your members is unhappy with our retouching they simply need to contact us and we’ll make the necessary adjustments at no additional cost.

We take the fear out of sitting in front of the camera.

Many people have anxiety about sitting in front of the camera. We can reduce these anxious feelings by providing a short seminar about how to relax, selecting the right clothing, using the right amount of makeup, how to pose, and much more!


Here’s How It Works

The Process

  • Charles Cotugno Photography leads an interactive presentation for your members about the importance of a having a great business image. We’ll present valuable and important information about clothing, hair, makeup, the appropriate style and look for various professions and more. Each attendee will be granted access to a free PDF of this presentation for their own reference without any obligation

  • Approximately one week later, after your members have had time to incorporate everything they’ve learned, we’ll return and create their business images. After their session they’ll select their favorite image for full, professional retouching.

  • Within five business days each subject will receive their fully retouched business image via email in three versions; a high resolution file for collateral and marketing materials, a web resolution image for their online presence, and an image perfectly sized for their LinkedIn profile photo.


The Small Print

  • A guaranteed minimum of seven participants is required to schedule an event. That includes any members, non-members, coworkers, or others you invite to take advantage of this special event to benefit your organization.
  • You have two options to manage scheduling and payment:
  1. Your organization handles all scheduling and payments. You will receive an initial invoice from Charles Cotugno Photography to cover the minimum amount of participants required for the event. ($700 plus WA State sales tax.) This amount is due forty-eight hours before your event.   
  2. Charles Cotugno Photography provides an online scheduling and payment system. We will handle all these details for you. Within ten business days after your event you will receive your benefit in the form of a cashier check.  Note: If the minimum of seven people are not registered forty-eight hours before the event you will be contacted to see if you’d like to proceed. If you elect to proceed, you will be charged the difference between the amount collected to date and the minimum charge for seven participants. If you choose to cancel the event all funds will be returned to the registrants.
  • To maintain our standards of quality, images that have not been retouched will not be released to any client under any circumstances.

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 A Decade of Collaboration

Tami Vileta, president of Pinpoint Strategic Communications, speaks about her company’s decade plus relationship with Charles Cotugno Photography and how targeted business photography has benefitted her clients.

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