About Charles Cotugno Photography

I founded Charles Cotugno Photography on one simple principal: my clients will love what I create for them or they won’t pay a dime. Period. 

Just about every photographer I’ve spoken to thinks I’m crazy for offering such an all encompassing guarantee. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe it’s due to a self esteem issue rooted in an elementary Catholic education ruled by over zealous nuns who made me feel guilty for simply existing. (Decades later, Sister Mary Victor, at over six feet tall with a glare that would melt the steel of a speeding freight train, still haunts my sleeping hours.)

Whatever the reason, I believe this guarantee benefits you in two ways.

  1. Your investment is never at risk. In a worst case scenario if I can’t make you happy with my work your entire investment returned. 

  2. It pushes me to continue improving my customer service skills, processes, and creativity to insure I’m giving you everything I can to the best of my abilities.

Truly, my biggest reward is seeing the look on people’s faces when they view their images for the first time. It doesn’t matter if they’re marketing experts from a multi-billion dollar corporation or a high school senior’s family. To be able to provide you with images that preserve a memory or propel your business to new heights is what drives me to give you with the best photographic experience possible. 





About Charlie

It’s not easy for me to separate myself from my business because each intersects with the other on a variety of levels. The principals on which I run my business are the same ones I try to live by; work hard, do your very best, contribute to your community, and always strive to improve. 

To keep it brief, behind the “easy going” guy most of you may get to know I’m actually more of a rebel and bust a$$ to accomplish the things people tell me are out of my reach. That probably has a lot to do with my working class east coast roots. I grew up in Boston, moved to New York when I was seventeen, and alternated living between there and London for a decade. As a musician, performer, writer, and arranger it took a lot of creativity to both make a living and get by in life.

The series of events that led me to Seattle started with a split second decision not to cross the street while walking home to my Greenwich Village apartment. That happened around midnight after a long day of work on St. Patrick’s Day. I was attacked, robbed and beaten by a fine group of young skinheads. (The guys and gal from the Sixth Precinct didn’t treat me much better.) That event completely changed the course of my life, leading me to L.A. for five years and then on to Seattle. The experience taught me to never doubt the impact of any single moment or seemingly inconsequential decision, even during the most mundane routines of life. 

In my free time I like to push myself as hard as I can on my road bike for as many miles as possible, usually anywhere from forty to sixty. Exhausted, sore, and dazed, this is what I call relaxing.

If any of this leaves you with any questions (or, more importantly, any answers) please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to setup a time for us to talk over a latte or a beer. 

Thanks for dropping by!